VoliFarm project comes again to Instagram!

Volifarm è un progetto di ricerca e trasferimento tecnologico che trae la sua denominazione dalla parola friulana "Voli"…

Pubblicato da VoliFarm su Lunedì 2 marzo 2020
VoliFarm is a research and technology-transfer project that takes its name from the friulian word “Voli” (= eye) and from the English word “Farm”. This denomination summarizes the main characterizing element of the developed technology, which involves the use of modern computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques for advanced agricoltural systems.

At now VoliFarm is mainly an automatic and selective harvesting system for asparagus, but the brand also includes new solutions for automation in agriculture through computer vision and AI.

Volifarm is a project and a brand owned by Latina Spinoff SRL, a scientific-research-spinoff company financed by Lazio Region and by European Union (POR FESR).